“We purely believe that everyone has the right to come home safe and well from their job. That’s our core mission in QHSE”


Logistic One Solution keep the commitment for health and safety of our employees, clients, contractors and our community. Top priority is placed on providing a safe and healthy workplace to them. This commitment is consistent with our corporate objective to conduct business in an ethical, socially responsible, and environmentally responsible manner. The environment, health, and safety are given extreme considerations in the planning and execution of all work activities in all facilities.


We are proud of the core bussiness we managed, by do everything beyond your quality expectation while implement prevention for  work related illnesses, work accident and also nature protection.  we provide new insights and HSE-related knowledge so that each of our workers can work optimally while consider every aspects of HSE. Our QHSE team help workers understand how they can stay safe and well while conduct their job by assists every job with Safety Plan such as Job Safety Analysis (JSA), Hazard Identification Risk Assessment and Determining Control (HIRADC) and help them to implement it in their job. So that our employee could identify any risk related to their job and manage them efficiently and effectively.


We care about HSE related matters as we care about ourself because safety not only become our top priority, but already become our lifestyle.


HSE leads the way, but it can’t never act alone. Safety works when people work together, as a team. We managed to stay in our bussiness, which have multicultural dimension by communicate and interact in team. We worked with many people from different industry like plantation industry until oil and gas industry. We realize that every job has its own unique risk that need special handling. Each job has its own characteristics like the local culture, site characteristic, communication needed, equipment and tools used, trucking and lashing criteria needed, type of the industry the processes that occurs and else.

We make sure that everything is done safely from the job with the lowest risk until the job with highest risk, from the sector with low risk such as plantation until the sector with high risk such as oil and gas industry. We carry out preventive program by doing risk based thinking method as stated in ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007. This method help us to assess and estimate what could go wrong when we doing our business.

Risk based thinking could make us become proactive rather than purely reactive. It prevent and reduce undesired impacts and promoting continual improvement. When it implemented, preventive action will be automatically performed. Risk-based thinking is something everyone do automatically and often sub-consciously in our team.


Risk based thinking result is our basis to determine what program needed and should be implemented, what are our goals, how to measure the performance achievement of related program and when we need to evaluate it.


We conduct audit and inspection to check whether the implementation of QHSE management system has properly implemented or not. And when anything go wrong, we investigate it to know the root causes and carry out the corrective action needed. We record the investigation report and make lesson learned from every case.


We dearly believe that safety doesn’t happen in accident.

Safety needed to be put first and everyone have to partake in it, voluntary or forced. Because safety is more important than inconvenience.

We will deliver your goods and ensure their safety because we care.